The bright big green eyes of a boy who used to call her mom. She clinged to that memory during the time Raleigh had her in his dark and terrible dungeons, and those green eyes where the safe place where her mind used to flee when he tortured her and had "his fun" as he used to say.

She also clinged to that thought when the Orlesian bitch came for her. The  day in which she would come back to the place she had made her home, and she would hear his fast feet running towards her to greet  her back,  and she would mess his black hair again, while telling him it was amazing how much he'd have grown up... because he was growing so fast, he was going to be tall even for a shem. Her shem... her clumsy proud and troublesome little shem.

The bitch, Marjolaine was her name, had arrived a couple of days ago and soon had showed interest towards her, specially when Raleigh told her she had not confessed a word yet, not even after his finest techniques. Marjolaine had giggled wickedly and approached her while commenting with her ridiculous accent, which Lirya was sure she exagerated on purpose: "Elves are so pgoud, my deag. You can bend them but agdly bgeak theig will".

She took her chin with her cold hands and forced her to look up. "Ah, but  this is a pgetty one, my fgiend". She leant over her and kissed softly her lips, but as soon as she did Lirya bited her and when she backed up, shocked, mumbling an angry "Bitch!", she still had time to spit her blood back at her face before Marjolaine slapped her with all her strenght. The Orlesian composed her back quickly and while cleaning her face, she  smiled and said: "See? A pgoud one as I said. Save eg fog me, my fgiend. When you finish with eg, I think I ave a buyeg fog eg thege in Oglais"

"You can take her right now, as far as I'm concerned", was Raleigh's harsh reply. "She won't say a word, and she's not much fun anymore either"

Lirya continued focused on those green eyes during all the way to Orlais. The bitch had just smiled at Raleigh's words, exchanged some coins with him and took her, chained and caged, in a wagon, with some other prisoners, most of them elves, most of them female. So she only could do one thing: remembering.

She remembered the day she found that carriage in flames in the middle of the road. Some bandits were still looting it and maybe doing even worse things. She glimpsed a couple of shem corpses, and knowing what they could have done to her if she was noticed, she hid under a bridge to avoid them. She remembered how, behind some stones in the darkest part of the bridge, she heard a faint sound, like a cat's meow, and her curiosity led her to find that tiny, rounded, pink thing just looking at her… with those bright green eyes.

Lirya was so young then… only seventeen… and she definitely never had any intention to have children. Her job was a dangerous one, spying for the rebels to defeat the Orlesian invaders. She shouldn't have ever taken him with her. But then, what? To leave him die under that bridge?

She looked at the blanket the tiny baby was wrapped in. Mallory. It said nothing to her, but at least the baby would have a surname. She named her Kyle.

And he had become the center of her life during all those years. For him, Lirya settled down at Highever's alienage, where at first she was looked upon as a shem lover, until people got used to her silent presence, and the boy earned the love and respect of everybody at the alienage due to both his talent to get into trouble and to get out of them using his natural charm. He usually sided with the weakest, and being the weakest the elves themselves, they learnt to love him as one of them.

For him, Lirya stayed many years without going on her usually long quests. She only accepted safe jobs which didn't keep her away from Highever, and focused more in her talent as a poison maker than in her spying skills… For him she renounced to adventuring and even to love, but she didn't mind, because he filled her days in a way she would have never imagined.

But one day she couldn't stay anymore.

The war was over, the son of the Rebel Queen was now in the throne, and the King Maric himself requested her help to retrieve some important documents someone had stolen. She could have requested more time, but the King had been patient enough.

So she looked at those green eyes once more and said goodbye. Kyle was already twelve, old enough to stay alone for a few weeks, and his best friend, Ryan, who was already seventeen, was no less than the younger son of the Couslands of Highever. She talked to him before she left, and she asked him to take care of the boy who was her son, if not by blood, by anything else.

And she said goodbye to him, not even imagining that could be very well the last time she would see him again…

How much time had passed after that? Six months? Ten? One year? One could lose easily the notion of time in Raleighs Dungeons… The notion of time,hope, and even sanity. She only knew somebody betrayed her… somebody sold her to that beast… and now he had sold her again… and she was going to be resold… and resold…

Finally the wagon stopped and Lirya knew they had arrived to… somewhere. They all were forced to get out, and they took their clothes, washed them while standing naked with buckets of cold water and gave them rough but clean tunics and a simple meal of bread and water. A man walked amongst them, opened mouths to  count teeth, observed hands and fingers, raised skirts and touched breasts, and started separating the prisoners in groups. Marjolaine whispered some words to the man's ear before she got payed and Lirya saw both faces turning to look at her.

The younger, prettier girls and boys had been grouped apart. Lirya felt terribly sorry for them, she knew what was going to be their fate. Stronger, more mature ones, and some of the few men, went to a different group. These surely would be
luckier. And then there was a strange group in which she was included. People, probably, able to read and write, or with some special talents which would be wasted in brothels, kitchens or hard work places. Lirya wondered which special talent had Marjolaine decided would make a good deal of her. But by the look of her face, she knew she was not going to like it.

Her work as an spy had made her speak and understand Orlesian like a mother tongue, so she didn't have any problem to know what everybody was saying around her. So when her new master came to fetch her, she already knew he was a mage… and quite a well known and feared one. But Marjolaine's last words were the ones who scared her the most.

"She's strong and though, my friend. She'll last longer than the others".

And she was strong. She was strong enough to resist without even moaning the first time he tied her to a table, and started sticking needles in her skin. She only closed her eyes and grid her teeth, and made her mind fly away again.

"Mom, mom! Why are my ears different than yours?"

The green eyes looked at her and she didn't know what to answer. How to tell your son, the boy you felt as your own son, that he was not actually been born from you? Because he wasn't, was he? While strange, blue fluids entered her blood, she started to feel her mind clouding... She didn't remember having been pregnant... She didn't even remember having had a lover... But she had a son, didn't she? How was it that she had a son without having had a partner?

She found herself gripping her memories like precious belongings. Each time the mage took her away to experiment with her body, something disappeared. How could she have forgotten having given birth to a boy, having loved a human man enough to have a shem son from him?

Green eyes.

Whoever he was, he surely had green eyes, like his son.

And she found herself tied to the table again, and now she forgot she was strong, and she yelled in pain when the liryum got into her veins again. The pain.

She remembered the pain. The pain in her back, in her arms, in her soul, when someone was calling her slave, and whipped her. And suddenly those green eyes again, looking at her, almost about to cry, when the man holding the whip turned at them and started whipping him instead.

Whipping her son.

The memory was blurry, but she remembered the pain was even worse. Seeing him receiving the whip, feeling the pain instead of her. Being called a slave too. That's how they treat elves, she thought. Because me and my son are elves aren't we? Is he a slave here, with me? Why can't I recall his face, his name? I only recall his eyes... green eyes...

Finally they stopped coming for her. She wasn't useful anymore. And she was in her dark cell again.

She didn't even remember how many times she had been tied to that table, she didn't remember why was she there, neither how long she was been held. Her hair was now white. Sometimes she remembered people speaking in a different language, even if now everybody around her spoke  Orlesian. She didn't even remember her name. People just called her "the Fereldan bitch" or "Subject number eight". She didn't care.

She  closed her eyes and held her knees. She was grateful they had finally left her alone. Alone with her dreams. On her dreams she sometimes could grasp shadows of her past, who she had been, who those green eyes belonged to. But as soon as she came back to vigil, everything was blurry again. She only could keep those green eyes. Because that was the only thing she had left.

The memory of a pair of green eyes... 

1: short comic about his guardian bard's Lirya (City elf) and Kyle ;) (in character sheet I say making-poison right?! And that's the skill he learn from Lirya)
"As I wandered the forest,
The green leaves among,
I heard a Wild Flower
Singing a song.

'I slept in the earth
In the silent night,
I murmured my fears
And I felt delight.

'In the morning I went
As rosy as morn,
To seek for new joy;
But oh! met with scorn.'
The Wild Flower's Song by William Blake

2: speechless. :XD: Like I said, he cant say his emotion or passion (dont know I use true words ?_? )
3: the last time he meet his guardian. He dont know, but Lirya knew and never say to him.
4: The time he fall after he to be stab with a dagger (I told you all about I will made him dead, I'm said it very clearly)
5: Nelson (mabari of Kyle, spirit too) see he falled
6: Lindy's spirit.
7: not much to say :P
"Two worlds collided
And they could never tear us apart"
lindy: He will come back with us soon, Nelson!
8: Childhood. Always make friend with cats :P
9: Compare him with frog :XD:
"The dreams in which I'm dying
are the best I've ever had"
What am I doing? Of course kill my character's Kyle :XD:

Yeah, Now I think I draw childs better than adult :icontrollfaceplz:

okay, I draw comics made him dead because I'd promised with my friend *o* Dont blame me =.= And that's sketch comics I did before September :| when everything made me bored and no mood to continue with my OC ;__;

I like keep this sketch and will not lineart :P Sorry If I lineart it will make this have different expression, and I don't like that way =3=

Kyle, Lindy, Lirya (c) me