INTERLUDE: Manly or Ruin innocence, by Revan-Sama

Author: Revan-sama.

Game: Dragon age origins.

Summary: When your son say 'I want to be a real man like daddy', you're really happy to make that wish happen. However, NOT when you got the help of your best friend hero of ferelden and his former dwarf companion...If so, then you really hope your wife won't have knowledge of this.

Character/pairing: Ryan Cousland, Oghren, Shane Mallory/ Kyle Mallory x Marilyn Mallory.

Disclaimer: Ryan Cousland, Shane Mallory and Kyle Mallory are kylemallory's characters.
Marilyn is SoniaCarreras character.

Author's note: Gift for SoniaCarreras Birthday! Hope I did it well!

-DAO: Manly or Ruin innocence?-

"I'm home!"

Today has been a very hard day of work for Kyle Mallory. Fighting bandits who kept stealing some merchants. Picking up some heavy materials to different shops. Giving some fishes to the cats. (it's not a job but since he loves cats...)

However, now that the day of work is over, he could finally go back home to his most important persons. His beautiful elven wife, Marilyn and his adorable son, Shane.

He would walk to the kitchen where she was cooking dinner for them (assuming that the kitchen wasn't set on fire like last time...) , Then he would surprise her with a kiss and she would response to it with the same passion.

Then behind him, he would hear a happy voice saying : "Daddy! You're home!"

For a five years old, Shane Mallory was really adorable. And he like his daddy very much.

Of course, he liked his mother too. But he admire his father's fighting skills.

Marilyn said it was a bit soon for him to pick up a sword. When he saw his son's disappointment, Kyle wanted to give him one of his wife's dagger but as soon as he wanted to give it to their son, she said : "Give him that dagger and loose a hand." So he gave up.

Yeah, he would finally find some rest in his hou-


Oh no.

"Hello Kyle! Good work for today." said Ryan Cousland, his best friend with his stupid grin on his face.

"Hello lad, have a sit and some ale." Said Oghren the dwarf friend of Ryan.

Usually when those two came to visit, it ended badly...When I said badly it means his wife killing the three of them: Ryan, Oghren AND her husband...even though he did nothing.

"What are you two doing here?" asked Kyle very calmly...trying not to activate the berserker mode.

"Oh, we came to visit you! We were passing by and decided to come here." Said Ryan, very happy to see his best friend.

"...You were here the day before yesterday."

"Is that so?" asked Oghren.

"Yes, it is..." Answer Kyle.

Ryan and Oghren looked at each other then both looked at Kyle with a grin.

"Well, you don't mind having two of your friends in your little home, right?"

As a matter of fact, I do.

But he didn't said that out loud.

"By the way, where is Mari?" Asked Kyle to change the subject.

"She went shopping with her sister and asked us to babysit the little lad here." explained Oghren while drinking some ale and pointing at Shane who was a bit half asleep and half awake.

Kyle gasped with his eyes wide open.

"She LET you TWO babysit our son?!" He shriek.

"hehehe You sound like a nug murdered." Laughed the dwarf.

"Shut up!"

"Don't worry Kyle, She said that if anything happened to Shane,  she would 'obliterated' our 'insensitive' ass with 'sharp objects'." said nervously Ryan... who was not feeling so well while saying that.

"That doesn't make me feel better...And what happen to my son?! He looks half asleep and half awake!!! You didn't drug him, did you?!" Demanded Kyle while taking Shane in his arms.

"Uh...He wanted to try some of Oghren's ale...and...well...he gave it him." Said Ryan.

Kyle's face was blue now...which made him look pretty with his green eyes.

"HE DID WHAT???!!!"

"Come on, don't squeal like a nug. it's no big deal." Said Oghren very naturally.

"Don't worry Kyle, He didn't gave him everything.  Just a taste of ale...80% of it..." Ryan tried to comfort his best friend.


"Hmm...I didn't thought about it....Lyrium is tasty." said Oghren while thinking about it.

"Oghren, I think Kyle was sarcastic..." said Ryan.

Kyle's face was half blue and white and he kept saying, alone: "Mari is going to kill us, Mari is going to kill us, Mari is going to..."

Then Oghren told Ryan : "I think he fainted."

Kyle woke up again and asked : "Why...By the maker, Why did you gave him that?."

At this Ryan smiled a bit and said: "He said he saw you drinking some of this, so He wanted to do everything you do!"

"Yeah, He said: 'I want to be a real man like daddy'."

At this, Kyle's eyes become softer. He looked at his son and smiled proudly.

"He...he really said that..."

Both of his friend grinned and nodded.

"I...I guess it's alright for long as Mari doesn't know about it."

...They began to tremble a bit...of the thoughts of what the young elf wife would do if she knew....

Marilyn knew her son was growing up, and soon he would be a young man. But still she wanted to keep his innocence for a little while longer. Like most mothers.

For her, Giving him ale to drink is like taking him to the whorehouse.

"It will be our secret! There is no way she'll find out, right?" said Ryan.

The three of them laughed a bit and Kyle decided to put Shane to sleep in his room.


"I'm home!" She was back with...lots of bag...And some of those things looked more like loot than bought stuff.

"Welcome back, Mari." As soon as she saw her husband in the living room she ran to him.
And kissed him passionately.

"How was the shopping?" Asked Ryan.

"It was great! Lots of loot...I mean, lot's of great stuff...found on the...ground...and people..."

She looked a bit around and asked: "Where is Shane? I missed him all the way here!"

"The little lad is in his room." Said Oghren.

"You put him to bed? Wow, you guys are better at this than I thought. I guess I can forgive you for that time when you said the word 'whore' in front of my son." Said Marilyn with a smile.

Ryan and Oghren became pale at the memory.

"Do I have to remind you that you set our clothes and armors on fire because of that and we had to walk naked in the street!" said Kyle.

She turned her face toward her husband and smiled with an angelic smile.

"Yes, I know. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have to go see if my son is alright."

She went to Shan's room.

The three men sighed.

"I think we better leave before anything happen." said Ryan.

"Right...and leave me here, with the consequences." said Kyle.

"Better you than us...beside you live here." said Oghren.

When suddenly.

"Wait a second...." A cold voice coming down from hell.


Marilyn  stood behind them with a somber expression on her face.

The three men turned around to face her...but stayed very far away...just in case...

"Y...Y...Yes...Dear?" asked Kyle very nervously.

It's probably nothing...
She couldn't possibly notice...

"Why does Shane's breath smells like ale?"


Oh shit...

-Later, outside the house-

Some people were walking calmly in the street when suddenly they heard some kind of earthquake and a loud voice : "YOU GAVE 80% OF WHAT TO MY SON????!!!!"

-Later in the house-

"Was it really necessary to bury them alive in your garden Mari?" asked Marilyn's sister.

"It's for the fresh air...No more ale in this house until Shane has the right age for drinking." Marilyn nodded to herself.

"There is fresh air underground?" asked her sister.



R.I.P (rest in peace)
Kyle Mallory
Ryan Cousland.

A birthday party

The time spent in the Deep Roads has been difficult to calculate, but somehow and as we expected, when we finally see the daylight again we realize we have skipped Kyle’s birthday. Kyle says it doesn’t matter, that nobody cares after all… but I know he’s lying-
“I will organize a party for you”, I say, sticking my tongue at him. We’re back in Highever, and I’m sure Ryan will be delighted with the idea.  A pity Lirya isn’t around to celebrate it though… I feel sad for a moment. A year ago she was still at those creepy Inquisitor’s dungeons, and today she’s gone on her own to seek revenge on that Orlesian woman. I sigh.
He stares at me. “No working night youuu”, he pouts. He feels tired. And who hasn’t? Damn deep roads, how manage those dwarves to live underground?
"Take a day off" I tease him, because I didn’t mean what he thinks I mean, but I think it is funny to follow the joke. "I will buy special lingerie"
"You want to drain me?" Kyle stares with doubt.
I put an innocent look. "Ooh, am I? You need a rest?"
"I do need a rest!" he sigh, agreeing,
I lean down and lick his nose. "All right. I'll let you rest. No sex for you tonight", and I move back to get out of the room, bouncing my hips. I know it always has an effect on him.
"Where do you go?", he asks confused.
"Oh? To sleep in the guest room, so you can rest” I reply with a smirk.
"What? No. You sleep here. Don’t go", he demands. His authoritarian tone makes me melt, but I try to resist. I stop and turn slowly towards him.
"Oh, you sure?"
"Just SLEEP. Cuddle", he commands.
"All right, it works for me". I can’t help but smile. Months ago, a year ago, I had to fight to be able to just SLEEP by his side, unable to face my demons. Now the demons are gone… at a high price I sadly remember, but now it is him who wouldn’t let me go. I feel warmth in my heart.
I walk slowly to his side and lean my head in his chest, purring. He rubs his chin over my head, takes one lock of my hair, and sniffs it. I snuggle in his arms.
"So let's go to bed?"
He makes a pout, but it’s a trick.
"Yes!" and tickles my armpit.
I laugh "Hey!" and go to tickle his waist too. "You're a cheater!".
"Not like you" he says, taking me and spinning me in the air. It makes me laugh like a child.
"I'm not cheating!! I was cuddling!", I protest between laughs. "You said cuddling was allowed!".
He brings me to the bed, laughing too, and embraces me in cuddling mode. I wonder if he will resist my proximity, smelling my scent and feeling my skin… because I’m starting to feel turned on by his. But it is true we need a rest, I say to myself, and I decide to enjoy the feeling, relaxing and expecting to get asleep in his arms. He glances at me from time to time, as if he expected me to harass him, but I respect his need to rest , as he always respects my needs.
I look at his smirk, amused, but behave meek as a sheep. He snuggles me like a puppy, and again, he makes me laugh of pure bliss. I can’t resist, and sink my head in his neckline and kiss his neck softly.
He runs his fingers through my hair softly, with that adoration look he never loses… I look at him dreamily, and suddenly I feel a pull when he gets stuck.
"Ouch!" I complain.
"Sorry!", he says concerned, untangling his fingers very smoothly not to hurt me. I hold my hair from the root to help him, and when he finishes, I rub my scalp where I feel the itch.
"Aww, it’s nothing. But be more careful next time", I say with a smile. He leans to kiss the tip of my nose and smiles too. "It's okey", I reassure him, kissing his nose too.
"I want to feel the love!", he says, gaze into my eyes, hands in my butt and my nape.
I stroke his cheek, thinking that that hand in my butt uncovers him. "Hey, what happened with that "I need to rest tonight" thing?".
"No! I mean... not about sex!", he protests, confused.
I rub my nose against his and purr softly. "All right. I think it was your hand in my butt which misled me"
His hand quickly leaves my butt, disappointing me.
"Well my bad, dear!", he says.
I take his hand and put it back in place. "Don't worry. I like it there".
He strokes my cheek from time to time , following my jawline and my nose with his fingers. I can’t help leaving a moan out, and I stroke his arms at the same time, following the line of his biceps. He makes a grimace, and I suddenly realize such a simple caress is turning him on, so I stop it quickly.
"Okay, sorry", I mumble, putting my hands on my back with a smile. He bites his lips. "Seems like cuddle is enough to turn us on??” he says concerned. Sure. His single touch makes my skin ache and long for more, even when he only strokes my face. I rub my face against his.
"Because you're so intoxicating", I reply with a smile. He blushes more, so I just put my head under his chin and snuggle against him. "Let's stay like this".
"I see! Good night dear, in case you feel tired and get asleep before I can say the wish". He drops a kiss on the top of my head and cuddles me as he used to do many time
"The wish?" I ask, purring. "Which wish?"
"That you have sweet dreams", he whispers in my ear.
I smile tender, and kiss his shoulder softly. "Sweet dreams to you too, my love".
"Dream without fear, love, without limit… I wish I were good enough for you", he says almost to himself.
"You're more than I deserve" I try to reassure him, but I’m so sleepy now I wonder if he heard me.
My last thoughts before meeting him in my dreams wonder again why he is still afraid  not to be good enough for me. If he knew all the good things he did for me… how I feel alive by his side…
If he only knew…