INTERLUDE: Hunt down and stalking - By Revan-sama

Author: Revan-Sama.

Game: Dragon age origins.

Genre: Romance/humor.

Summary: What would you do, if you were a ruthless woman elf, who saw her beloved with another girl? Why, you'll hunt them down of course! With a forced extra help...

Character/Pairing:  Ryan Cousland/ Kyle Mallory x Marilyn.

Disclaimer: Ryan Cousland, Kyle Mallory are Doctorwho173 characters
And Marilyn is SoniaCarreras Character.

Author's note: I love the pairing Kyle x Marilyn! So I tried to write something about it.
I tried...

-Hunt down and stalking-

-Chapter one-


A wonderful city.

Today was a very good day.

The weather was very sunny and the sky was blue, without a single cloud.

The birds were singing freely, the flower were blooming.

The merchants were selling their goods to a high price like usual.

Thieves would steal the riches to feed their families.

Everything was fine to Marilyn..

Well...Maybe except that her friend Kyle Mallory wasn't there with her today.

He had an important job to do...But strangely, he didn't told her what it was about.

Usually, he would tell her about it, maybe ask her help and she would gladly do it.

No, today he seemed...different...almost embarrassed when he told her that he had that job to do.

What could be so embarrassing to do? Wondered the young woman elf.

Today she was doing a job as well with Kyle's best friend, Ryan Cousland. The son of Highever Teyrn, Bryce Cousland.

"Thanks for the help Mari." Said Ryan with a smile.

Marilyn smiled too and said:

"You're welcome. By the way, Ryan. Do you know anything about Kyle's job for today?"

"Huh? Well, no. I didn't even know he had a job today." Answered Ryan.

"Hmm...How strange, he didn't told me anything neither." Said the red haired elf with a small frown.

Ryan was surprised by that.

"I thought you guys didn't have any secrets between you?"

"I thought so too, but for some reason he seemed really embarrassed about it." Suddenly she stopped for a moment.

"Hmm? What is it Mari?"

Her skin turned very pale, her eyes widen, she opened a bit her mouth and...


Probably everyone on Thedas heard her...

Because it was very loud.

"W-What is it, all the sudden!?" Asked the Cousland youngest.

She was pointing with her finger a certain direction while saying:



Ryan looked at where she was pointing and saw...

Both of them saw, Kyle standing over a lamppost...talking to a very cute and beautiful girl.

She had long brown hair, dark blue eyes, a beautiful green dress and seemed like a noble woman.

"..." Marilyn was quiet, but her mouth was still open and her eyes widen in disbelieve .

"Wow, Kyle is really popular with the ladies, isn't he?" Said Ryan with a small grin.

Apparently, it wasn't a good statement to do...


Because as soon as he said that, Marilyn glared at him and walked on his foot.

"What was that for!?"

The young elf ignored him and asked herself.

"Who is that girl?"

"Huh? I never saw her before, This is the first time I see Kyle with a girl alone except you."

"What!? Even you, his best friend don't know?"

Marilyn looked back at Kyle and the girl in green dress.

"Anyway, I'm sure it's no-" Said Ryan but it was too late, the red haired elf was already closer and in the shadows to hear their conversation.

The girl in green dress bowed to Kyle with a small blush on her face.

"I'm so sorry, were you waiting long?"

Kyle answered with a gentle smile:

"No, don't worry, I just got here."


In case you didn't notice, Marilyn disapproved that.

Ryan, who just came by Marilyn's side, didn't help  the situation.

"Oh, Could it be that they are da-"

He stopped himself before saying the word 'date' as soon as the young elf glared at him.

"Yeah? Da...what?" She said Harshly .

Ryan remembered his injured foot.

"Uhm...Never mind..."

"That's better."

--Back to Kyle and the girl--

"So, shall we going?" asked the girl in green dress with a big smile.

Kyle answered : "Alright then, let's go."

She giggled.

"I wonder if it will fit in."

"I'm sure it will, don't worry."

--Back to Marilyn and Ryan--

"Fit in!? What will fit in!?" asked a scandalized Marilyn.

"C-calm down Mari, it's probably not what you think." Ryan tried to calm the red haired elf.

Miracle failed...

"Do...Do that mean they're going to do IT !? Not Over My dead body!!! Kyle's virginity is mine!!!"

"Maker's breath! What are you thinking out loud right now!?" Asked an embarrassed Ryan.

It was a bit too loud and people were staring.

"It's decided, I won't let her take my future boyfriend! We will ruin their date!"

"Eeeh?! Me too?"

"Yeah, you too!"

Then she dragged the young noble Ryan Cousland down the street to hunt down Kyle and this mysterious girl.

"Okay, Let us go to the crime scene!"

Ryan had a hard time to follow the young elf but managed to ask:

"Crime scene?"

"Yeah, because it's a crime against nature!"

"Since when?"

"Since I said it!"

And so began the obsessive stalking.


-Chapter two-


She could move around it without being detected by anyone.

As she walked in the shadows, she was following her prey quietly and gracefully like a cat.

Her enemy was indeed very skillful but that wouldn't stop her from reaching her goal.

She had nothing to worry about.

Yes, she would be successful ! She would save Kyle from that witch and...!

"What the hell are you doing, Mari?"

Only to have the mood ruined by the guy next to her...

"I'm in stealth mode. I'm supposed to be invisible right now." Said Marilyn with an exasperated sigh. But her eyes were still fixed on Kyle and the girl in green dress.

"You know, I can see you." said Ryan.

"Shut up!"

All this was sickening.

The atmosphere, the mood, the pretty place, just the two of them...It really looks like a date.

They talked happily about...well...

"Sod it! I can't hear what their saying."

--Back to Kyle and the girl--

"Is he any nervous about it?" asked Kyle.

The girl in green dress giggled and answered:

"Yes, he is. But mostly he was worried about me. So he thought maybe it would be better to do it later."

Kyle had a worried face.

"You're health hasn't got any better?"

She shook her head.

"No, however I still want to do it anyway. I'm still coughing but I don't think I have a fever."

Kyle stopped to walk and looked at the girl, then he put a hand on her face.

"Hmm let's see...Your face is a bit red and warm." He tried to examined her to see if she had a fever.

But a certain red haired elf saw this as something else.

--Back to Marilyn and Ryan--

"What the hell !? A Kiss !?" Marilyn's eyes widen.

"Bold choice Kyle." said a grinning Ryan Cousland.

"Don't encourage him!" yelled Marilyn to the noble man.

--Back to Kyle and the girl--

"Do you want to rest a bit?" asked kindly Kyle.

The girl smiled and shook her head.

"No thank you, I must..."


Suddenly, out of nowhere, something has hit Kyle's head and made him fall on the ground.

Apparently it was a small stone, yet it was throw so violently that it still made some impact.

"Kyle! Kyle are you alright? Kyle!"

--Back to Marilyn and Ryan--

"Kyle! That was really mean, Mari." Said Ryan

"Sod it! I missed. I was supposed to hit him in the back." Marilyn was a bit embarrassed.

"How come it went on his head then?"

"Well excuse me for usually using melee weapon instead of bow and crossbow."

"Anyway, I stopped the kiss and that counts!" said proudly Marilyn.

After Kyle wasn't stunned anymore and has reassured the girl that he was fine, they keep walking.

They seemed to walk toward a something that looked like a tavern or a inn.

However it was neither of them.

It was...

"A whorehouse!?"

"What? Where?" asked Ryan while looking left and right.

"In front of you, idiot."

Indeed there was a very big house just on their way with a big sign on it, it said :

The withered Water lily.

"...I don't know who thought of that name, but he or she had very bad taste!" said Marilyn, putting her hands on her hips.

Kyle and the girl in green dress keep walking the road...

"Don't tell me they're going IN THERE!" Marilyn was now panicking.

"I don't think that where they're go-" before Ryan could finish his sentence, the red haired woman was already next the whorehouse's door in stealth mode, putting a sign 'closed' on it.

"Well that was fast." said Ryan to Marilyn when she came back.

"Please Ryan, I'm a rogue remember?" she said with a grin.

"And where did you find that closed sign?"

"That is none of your damn business."

Ryan sighed deeply and said:

"Anyway the whorehouse isn't where they're going."

"Uh? How do you know?"

"Look" Ryan pointed in their direction.

Indeed, they weren't going to the whorehouse, they didn't even looked it.

Marilyn sighed deeply in relieve.

Only to have a crisis of anxiety when Ryan said:

"Apparently they're going to a chantry."


A chantry...A Man and a Woman going to a sacred place like that could only mean...!

"MARRIAGE!?" the look on her face was priceless.

--Marilyn's imagination--

"Sorry Mari, I'm so in love with her, also she is much sexier than you...I hope you can forgive me." said imaginary Kyle with manly tears.

"Yes don't worry, I'll take care of him, very, very good care." said the girl with a troll face.

"Farewell." said both of them.

--end of Marilyn's imagination--

"Mari? MARY! Wake up!" Ryan was trying to wake her up by taking her hand to pinch it.

However she took his hand and grabbed it to death.

"Unforgivable." She was on fire now.

"OUCH! M-Mari...You're kind of...hurting my hand...could you let go?"  Who knew that elf women in love could be this strong and scary...


-Chapter three:  Last chapter-

The glorious day has arrived.

The day where two people would be united here in this sacred place.

In the name of Andraste, those two would be blessed by the sacred bonds of marriage.

If there is someone who oppose them to be united, speak now or remain silence for eternity.

"Noooooooooo-!" Suddenly a piercing voice could be hear at the front door.


A Beautiful, cute and sexy red haired elf was standing there tragically and said to the husband-to-be:

"Kyle, don't marry her!  That witch is only after your money!"

"But Mari...I don't have any money..."

"It's alright! I don't care about being poor or rich! Let us leave this place to be happy together!"

All the sudden there was a divine light on Marilyn, which made her eyes sparkle and her beautiful long red hair were dancing because of a mysterious wind.

"'gaps' You are right Mari, how could I be so stupid and blind!  You are the only one for me."

And so Marilyn swept Kyle of his feet and walked away from the chantry, always with this divine light on her.


--End of Marilyn's imagination--

"Uhm...I don't think it will be that way Mari..." Said a septic Ryan Cousland.

"Must you always ruin the mood!? It sounded perfect in  my head!" exclaimed the young elf.

"First of all, it's suppose to be the guy who steal the bride and not the girl who steal the husband." explained Ryan.

"There is always a first time to everything." answer Marilyn with a satisfied smile.

"Second, How would YOU swept Kyle of his feet? You're not a warrior, you don't have enough strength for that."

"I can swept a man of his feet just fine, thank you." she said with a sulking face.

"And most importantly..." Ryan was had a very serious expression on his face. Marilyn rarely saw that face on the youngest Cousland.

"W-What is it all the sudden?" she asked nervously.

"Do you...have an injury kit? My hand still hurt."


The young elf fell down in disbelieve. I can't believe I thought he would say something serious for once.

"We are facing a crisis and you only worry about your hand!?"

"Come on Mari, It's not a crisis."

"Yes it is! Kyle is going to get married to that mad woman and you ask me for an injury kit!? Beside it heal three injuries and you only have one!"

"You're the mad woman here..."

"What?" A dark aura surrounded the elf while she glared harshly the noble.

"N-Nothing..." Elf are really scary when mad.

"Anyway. We need a plan to enter the chantry discreetly." Marilyn thought about it for a moment then saw a few priests enter the chantry.

Her eyes sparkled with many ideas.


"But Mari, it will never work!" Ryan was worried about this plan. it couldn't work!

After knocking off two random priests, they had their uniforms.

"What are you saying Ryan? Of course it will work. All we have to do is to disguised ourselves as priest to enter the chantry, drag Kyle out of it and voila." She was excited about her plan. It could work!

"But you're an elf! You are considered as a pagan in there." Said Ryan.

"So what? This is a free country. And all I have to do is hiding my pointy ears." Said Marilyn while touching her ears with a small grin.

"And how are you going to do that?" asked Ryan, now he was even more worried.

"With a hat. Obviously." said the red haired elf.

"Priest don't wear a hat. Obviously." Said Ryan with the same tone she used.

"What!? But it's winter! Don't they catch a cold?"

"They're praying inside then."

"Sod it!" Cursed Marilyn. Now she had to think of something else. Her eyes wandered to Ryan's boots. And suddenly she found another idea.

"Ryan, give me your socks."

"What? what for?"

"Just give me your sodding socks!" Before he could protest she tackled him and took of his boots off and took his socks.

"It's perfect! But...still, you could at least wash them a bit sometime." The socks were stinky, it was almost as if he put them for a week.


Anyhow, she put them on her pointy ears and with the priest uniform on her (Ryan has one too) they went toward the chantry front door.

The two templars were looking at them strangely, especially Marilyn with the socks on her pointy ears.

"Hmm...I don't recognize you, are you new priest here?" asked one of the templars.

"Yes indeed, we come from...uhm...Denerim and we came to pray for the poor souls in Highever." Said a not so convincing Ryan.

"I see...And the lady over there..."

"Ah, uhm...yes?" asked Marilyn nervously.

"Why do you have socks on your ears?"

Ryan bit his lower lip and waited for Marilyn to talk and with a sad, tragic face she said:

"To tell you the truth...I...I have a terrible rare illness in my ears."

Ryan had a bad feeling about this.

"It's an illness that when I have know...Well instead of coming out from here (she show her ass) it come from here (she pointed her ears)."

The two templars AND Ryan were looking at her in disbelieve.

"Yes, I have to live with this terrible stinky curse for the rest of my life. And to have people laughing at me"  She said with her eyes shining with false tears also with tragedy and drama.

The first templar was crying under his helmet and the second was disgusted.

"You're kidding!" said the second templar.

"No I'm not. Why else would I be wearing socks on my ears then." responded an innocent sad looking Marilyn.

"Come on, let the poor girl go inside, please enter miss, I'm sure the Maker will hear your prayer and heal you!" said the first templar.

The doors were open.

--Inside the chantry--

"Pfiou, I never thought Shems (humans) could be so stupid sometime." said Marilyn while taking off the stinky socks.

"I can't believe it work." Said Ryan with a sigh.

"Of course it work! And look there is no one in here except...Aaaaaaah-" She yelled all the sudden.

"Now what?" asked Ryan.

She was pointing toward the girl in green dress and Kyle.

Kyle was fully dressed in wedding clothes, he was very handsome with it...But that was hardly the time to think of that!

With a mad dash she ran toward them before Ryan could say anything.

"KYLE! Don't marry-" But as soon as she was next to them, Marilyn noticed something strange.

Kyle was the only one in wedding clothing. The girl was still in her green dress.

How come...?

"Mari? Ryan?" Kyle was surprise to see them here and also embarrassed.

"Oh? Friends of yours?" asked kindly the girl.

"What are you two doing here? In priest clothing..." Asked Kyle. He knew that Ryan and Marilyn weren't very religious.

"Eh? Ah. Well..." The young elf was for the first time lost for words.

"We were...uhm...searching you for...uhm...having a drink with us." Ryan tried to cover Marilyn's real intention. Kyle didn't needed to know that the cause of all this was a mad elf woman's jealousy.

"Oh I see. I've finish my job, so I guess I can do that."

"Job? What job?" asked Marilyn.

Kyle put a hand behind his head with an embarrassed smile, looked over the girl and she answered :

"You see, I'm going to get married. But I wasn't sure if the clothing of my future husband were the right size and with his job he doesn't have much time for trying them. Kyle has the same size as him, so I asked if he could try them. Since it's here that I'm going to get married and the revered mother kept the clothes here, we came here in order to try the clothes."

"Yeah and since I've never wear those kind of clothes, I felt a bit embarrassed to show it to anyone." Said Kyle with a small blush on his face.


"? Mari? Ryan? What's wrong? You look like you've seen a spirit of the fade."

--Marilyn thoughts--
You mean I put some dirty stinky socks on my ears for nothing!?

--Ryan thoughts--
She dragged me down to hunt you, she hurt my foot and my hand.
All this for nothing!?

"W-Well, uhm congratulation for your wedding." Said the young elf while laughing a bit nervously.

To this, the girl smiled and said:

"Thank you Miss Marilyn. Now if you'll excuse me I have some things to attend. It's been a pleasure to meet you all."

The girl in green dress leaved the three alone.

"That's what you get for being paranoid." said Ryan to his elf friend.

"No more words." she said while glaring at the noble.

"Could you explain to me why you two have priest clothing?" asked Kyle.


Suddenly you could hear from outside the chantry.

"HEY, there are two knocked off naked priest here! Someone has stolen their clothes!"


"What was that?" Kyle was going to the front door but was stopped by his two rogue friends.

"Kyle, I know you're a berserker warrior...but this time, we are going to do as any normal person would do when two templars are running after them." said wisely Marilyn.

"And that would be?"

"Escaping by the window!"



"Hey Kyle...If you find  someone you want to would tell me right?" She asked him all the sudden.

"Eh?" He was surprise by the question.

"N-Never mind..." she walked away with a small blush on her face.

"...You'll be the first and only one to know." He whispered to himself with a gentle look on his face.

Because you are the only one I want. 

Original Source:
Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three

INTERLUDE: Innocent Brotherhood, by Revan-sama

Original story here

Author: Revan-sama.

Game: Dragon age origins.

Character: Ryan cousland, Kyle Mallory.

Summary: In the wrong time and at the strangest place, you can realize something very precious to your Familly isn't something  just related by blood.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ryan and Kyle, all from doctorwho173.


Night spreads across the sky, awakening the stars and moon from their slumber to begin the parade of luminescence in the shrouding darkness.

Glimmering shimmers of their merrymaking cascade down to embrace the Night-Walkers, as the worst type of scum traverses the dangerous  ensnare of the ebony camouflage littered with the fearsome sadism of living beings.

Nobles, scarier than the beasts of the black abyss, control society through the talents of their skills. Diplomatic and wealth, largely specify numerous  aspects of their abilities and possibilities.

Those were Kyle Mallory's first impression as a child.

Nobles...Couldn't be trusted. They look down at you like you were a piece of dirt. They think they can have anything as long as they have money for it. If they're nice with you it's only because they want something.

Maybe being a thief or a beggar was not a pretty life but that doesn't meant that he should tolerate those arrogant rich bastards.  True enough, it wasn't always easy to live in the lowtown of highever. There wasn't always good people or just innocent children who steal for food.

There was also criminals and murderers. Some of them were even plotting to infiltrate the nobility.

Kyle only wanted to teach them a lesson. Those guys took the money of an old lady he knew for 'their protection'.

He never thought they were more than just normal criminals.

"Don't concern yourself with people's affairs brat." They said to him and then...nothing.

He doesn't remember how he ended  under a fallen house.

All he could remember was the frustration...the anger of being weak. Of not being able to protect those important to him.

Strange faces, soldier looking for survivors and...


A young yet older man, was looking at him for a while. A slightly older guy with short black hair and he could hear a small part of his conversation with the soldier :

"What will become of him?" asked the young man.

"I don't know my lord, I didn't saw his par..." My lord....A noble...If he wanted to make Kyle his servant he could already die in the bushes.

Yet, even with such thought, Kyle saw that the face of the black haired noble wasn't one of pity. It was... sad.

Could it even be possible?

He couldn't think right, his head hurt, his stomach hurt and most of all....his chest hurt.

He slowly began to regain conscious, he wasn't on the floor anymore. He was...

On the noble's back.

If he was not so tired Kyle would have protested.

I don't need your help, I don't want your pity and I don't want to rely on you.

Those were Kyle's thoughts. And yet...he felt at peace and warm...It was like having a father or a big brother.

He always saw children around his age with parents...Do they feel that way too ?

Kyle felt ashamed, was he betraying everyone in lowtown by feeling this way?


The room was not that big. In Kyle's imagination it would be

On the contrary, it was very modest.

"Oh? You're awake?" asked the noble while entering the room.

"..." Kyle stared at him  without saying anything. He didn't want to become friendly with him.

What could he possibly want?

"My name is Ryan. And you?" he asked with a smile.

"..." and again silence.

"You don't have a name?"

"...I do..."

"Oh...then what is it?"

Guess what? More silence.


Ryan didn't seemed annoyed or angry. It was more like he was trying to figure a way to speak with Kyle.

After a few minutes of silence Kyle asked :

"Why did you bring me here?"

The tone of his voice surprised Ryan.

"What do you want from me?" Kyle asked again

"Well I wanted to help you and..."

"That's a lie." Kyle wasn't staring at Ryan anymore. Rather, he was looking at the floor.

"Then why me? There is plenty of starving children who want to be saved. Why don't you save them too? "


As excepted, he didn't answer, That's why those nobles are all...

"You're right on that part."


Kyle stared back at Ryan who was smiling sadly.

"However I can't save everyone as much as I want. That why I wanted at least save you with my own strength and not because I'm a noble. "

Kyle's eyes widen slowly.

"Does...Does it bother you that I'm part of nobility?"


Ryan laughed out loud and picked Kyle's cheeks to force him to smile.

"You're a very bad liar."

Kyle mumbled something that could be translated as:

"...You have two second to let go of my cheeks."

And Ryan was laughing out loud again.

Their relationship, their interference, isn't something anyone thought could happen. Furthermore, some memories and specific emotions cannot be forgotten no matter what strife has to endure.

"I'll tell my parents that you'll be staying until you recover okay?"


"Are you still mad?" asked Ryan with a small grin.

"...No" Obviously yes.

But before Ryan could exit the room, he was stopped by a small hand grabbing his clothes.


"Yeah? what is it?"



"That's my name."

"Ooooh...And here I was going to gave you a nickname..."

"...Please don't..."

(Before I began to notice, your gentleness has protected me during my dark times.)



for long time not sketch comics (and for many pages comics i not done from 2011 May )

Ah yes Kyle founded by Ryan under a fallen house. But that’s not really an accident.

Ryan has doubt behind this accident. That will connect with story of warden.

random ideas appear in my head. I want to go sketches with past and some events have a connection with Cousland story :icontrollfaceplz:

And this explain about my W.I.P childhood Kyle battle beside Ryan XD (tumblr everyone?!! :XD: )

“Don’t concern yourself with other people’s affairs” those criminals said to Kyle.

Sorry for crappy sketch everyone =___=